April 20, 2024

The Mad Market is a lovely Steampunk Fandom Fairyland. But we’re excited to have some extraordinary entertainment as well!

The Giant Robot of Blackthorne

(The Giant Robot IS real and IS at Blackthorne…but is NOT as described below. We asked a robot to describe its fellow robot, and…well, here’s what it came up with:

Introducing the Blackthorne Giant Robot – the ultimate machine of destruction! Standing at over 20 feet tall and weighing in at over 10 tons, this imposing robot is the pinnacle of engineering and technology. With its advanced sensors and targeting systems, the Blackthorne Giant Robot can take on any opponent with ease. Equipped with a variety of weapons systems, including powerful laser cannons and rocket launchers, the Blackthorne Giant Robot can obliterate any obstacle in its path. Its heavily armored exterior can withstand even the most devastating attacks, making it virtually indestructible. But the Blackthorne Giant Robot is more than just a machine of war – it’s also a marvel of human ingenuity. Designed and built by the world’s top engineers and scientists, this robot represents the cutting edge of technology and innovation. So if you’re looking to dominate the battlefield and crush your enemies with ease, look no further than the Blackthorne Giant Robot. Order yours today and experience the power of the ultimate machine of destruction!

We Welcome The Extraordinary Entertainments Of Pete and Chris Amusements!

As Chris puts it:

Well, Pete and I have quite a bit of experience in the entertainment side of things.  For nearly 15 years, we’ve participated in a number of different aspects and forms of the performing arts, including acting, singing, directing and producing.  In addition to that, we worked for a number of years at various amusement parks.  To say we understand fun and entertainment would be an understatement.  So doing something like this which involves aspects of performance and behind-the-scenes know-how was a natural fit.

Baron Voltage, Master Hypnotist

Get ready to be mesmerized and entertained like never before! Join us for an unforgettable evening of hypnosis and laughter with the great Baron Voltage! Watch as audience volunteers become the stars of the show, hypnotized into performing hilarious acts that will leave you in stitches. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, our hypnotist show offers a unique and exciting experience for everyone. Our skilled hypnotist uses the power of suggestion to create a fun and interactive performance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So gather your friends and family, and come experience the magic of hypnosis with us. You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind show that will leave you amazed and wanting more!

Chris Cyanide

Chris Cyanide officially launched The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project in July of 2017. Heavy bass driven industrial metal with a touch of shock rock and horror theatrics. This project has performed everything from large festivals, conventions, sharing the stage with many national acts to smaller clubs and even house parties. Chris Cyanide has proven to both fit in with any act and yet be completely unique. Thus far The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project has released 2 albums “Bassic Evil” and “Don’t Look In The Bassment” which are available on physical CD as well as all major digital platforms. The Project continues to expand and evolve and is always looking to the future to see whats in store next. Enjoy the ride!

The Happy Haggs Dance Troupe

The Happy Haggs is a theatrical group of amateur, volunteer maidens, mothers and crones who model their dance after Wolshager Hexenbrut, the dancing witches, of Wolfshagen, Germany. We bring Joy through the Magic of dance throughout Central New York, USA. We dance and laugh and act a little silly; okay we act a lot silly, especially our cackling contests. We dance at public events, nursing homes, parades, local community events, and many more. We are loved by our fans with whom we interact and tease incessantly.

Our Fabulous Costume & Cosplay Contest

We have some incredible attendees! You don’t have to dress up in any way to be a part of the event, but you’re invited to do so if you want.

And you can win prizes!

Here are some costumes from previous shows, photographed by B. Daniels.