May 22, 2024


Let’s be direct: We’re an event company. All we want to do is put on events. We’re not happy that there’s “controversy”. But people are asking often enough that it’s worthwhile for us to address it.

In a nutshell, after Cake Boss at the 2017 Steampunk World’s Fair, 2018 rapidly began shaping up as a very big, likely very profitable event. Instead, in late January 2018, Jeff Mach was suddenly hit by a series of allegations so complicated and varied that no-one, to this day, is quite sure what they are. All we know is, in 6 years, there has been not one legal allegation, not one arrest, not one criminal charge. There have been nuisance calls to Jeff’s personal life, which law enforcement confirmed made their jobs harder and hurt nobody. But outside of anonymous harassment, it’s hard to know what Jeff or the events are being accused of having done.

We don’t like posting about this, but we respect our attendees, partners, and friends, and figured it was time. If you’d like to ask more, email Jeff any time.