Volunteer Code of Conduct

  1. Show up to work on time. Generally this means find out where you need to be for your shift 5 minutes before your shift starts.
  2. There will be orientation before your shift. It is essential for you to attend this course to understand complexities of volunteering and to be introduced to senior staff. We also distribute food cards at orientation. No food card, no food.
  3. Be dressed comfortably for your shift. This means that you have shoes, shirt, jeans that are comfortable to move around in while on shift.
  4. Do not attempt to comp tickets, or get a discounted price for your friends. If they wish to volunteer, great! Please note: breaking this rule will lead to an immediate ejection from the event with no refund and you and your friend will be banned from all future JME events.
  5. Try to comply with staff requests for assistance, and do not argue with staff. If you believe a member of staff is wrong, or you believe your rights as a volunteer has been wronged, please find a Volunteer Coordinator for mediation, or if required, a complaint form.
  6. Do not use your status to obtain “favors”, monetary, sexual, or otherwise. There are obvious reasons why we do not allow this at our events.

If you need to file a complaint against a Volunteer Coordinator, please see the JME Project Manager, Jakal Blackwell, to make a formal complaint.