Jeff Mach Events EZBZ Marketplace

We at JME want to do more than just run events. We want to build communities and support the businesses that make our communities strong. As I’m sure you’re aware, it can be difficult for shoppers looking to buy awesome steampunk wares to find reputable dealers for those wares outside of an event. If you are looking for a carpenter or a car dealership, there are all kinds of companies out there with ratings and directories, but trying to find a good leather worker? You’re on your own. Until now that is.

We found one of those New York City tech start-ups that help average folks find roofers and party planners, and we used our aether-powered mind control ray to make them bend their system to do our bidding!

We are proud to present the Jeff Mach Events Marketplace powered by EZBZ. It uses an artificial intelligence based algorithm named Zoey to connect customers to businesses starting from a customer request made in plain English. We’re planning on building a marketplace for high-quality steampunk, fantastical, and otherwise peculiar products!



As JME, and JME friendly, vendors sign up to be included in the JME marketplace, you’ll be able to browse for them in the  Jeff Mach Events EZBZ Marketplace. You can also use the EZBZ concierge service to look for goods and services, both steampunk and mundane.  The concierge service uses plain English searches to connect you with businesses that meet your needs – referencing the entire EZBZ database.  As more As we grow the JME marketplace, the concierge service will get better and better at meeting your steampunk and other fantastical needs.


Signing up as a vendor is absolutely free and no obligation. Just visit and complete your information.  If you are a vendor at one of our events, we’ll give you a featured listing in the Jeff Mach Events EZBZ Marketplace! All submissions are curated; we do reserve the right to exclude a store that doesn’t fit into this Marketplace.

If a lead comes in that Zoey thinks is good for you, you’ll be notified by email or text message. If you choose to reply to the potential customer, you will be charged a small fee ($1-$3), but you only pay for leads you want to reach out to. You can find out more about EZBZ on their website.

Simply by signing up, you are helping us to educate Zoey as to what Steampunk is and how to best serve our community. The more vendors who join, the more useful the service will be!