Weapons Policy

All Weapons

  1. All weapons must be inspected and peace tied by Event security staff.
  2. WF security staff reserves the right to deem any weapon or costume unsafe and insist that it be removed from convention space and/or the hotel.
  3. Violating the weapons policy can result in removal from the convention and possible banning from future JME events.
  4. Please be careful with your weapons inside crowded convention spaces.
  5. Large weapons may not be allowed in certain events because of space restrictions.
  6. Do not leave your weapons unattended.
  7. Don’t be stupid. Weapons are dangerous. Someone might get hurt and you might go to jail.

Edged weapons

  1. No live steel. No metal weapons. Period.
    They are not allowed AT ALL – even peace-tied. Leave metal weapons home.
  2. Butterfly, switch blade, spring assisted and gravity assisted knives are all illegal to posses in the State of New Jersey. Please leave them home.
  3. Using edged and blunt weapons, including boffers and latex, inside a hotel is not allowed. Save it for the dueling pitch.
  4. Don’t be stupid. If you stab someone, you will go to jail.

Bows and Arrows

  1. Bows and crossbows are allowed.
  2. Bows and crossbows with blade attachments are not allowed. No live steel.
  3. Arrows are allowed. No metal arrows or arrowheads.
  4. You cannot carry both arrows and a bow or crossbow at the same time.
  5. Don’t be stupid. If you shoot an arrow, you will go to jail.


  1. The State of New Jersey considers BB guns, pellet guns and black powder weapons to be firearms, requiring the same licensure as modern firearms.
  2. The State of New Jersey considers that any prop made from the frame of a firearm that would require a license is still a firearm, even if rendered inoperable. Permanently plugging the barrel, removing the cylinder, removing the firing pin, removing the receiver, removing the trigger or removing the percussion cap are all insufficient.Simply put, if it was ever a real gun, it remains a real gun under New Jersey law. So please don’t bring such weapons, no matter how cool, to the Event.
  3. New Jersey state law does not allow people to carry firearms, either openly or concealed, without a New Jersey carry permit. New Jersey does not have carry reciprocity with any other state. Openly carrying one of these weapons, in the state of New Jersey is a felony.
  4. If you illegally carry a loaded firearm into the Event you will be escorted from the convention and banned from future JME events for life.
  5. Nerf weapons and similar foam dart launchers are welcome at Wicked Faire.
  6. Weapons firing water are allowed.
  7. Firing either a foam dart weapon or water weapon inside a hotel is not allowed. Save it for the dueling pitch.
  8. Don’t be stupid. If you bring a real gun you will go to jail.